A long time ago, before smartphones, before Facebook, before even YouTube or Twitter-- we're talking REALLY ancient times-- cartoon dragons were a huge menace to cartoon castles.  In that time, people were scared and brave knights were helpless (partly because of the aforementioned dragons, and partly because we haven't drawn them), so the castles lay helpless too.  But soon it became known far and wide that the fierce dragons were no match for fingers poking them on a touch screen. DRAGON FREEZE commemorates the great and epic battle that followed.

Like relationships, DRAGON FREEZE takes only a second to grasp but becomes mind-bogglingly difficult as it progresses.  The rules are simple:  Tap the dragons to freeze them.  Watch out though, becuase a frozen dragon will unfreeze if bumped into by a flying dragon (or one of the other obstacles) and you'll have to freeze him again, which will affect your score (in a bad way).  You see, this is a game where you try for the lowest score.  When all of the dragons are frozen, the round is over.  From there you may continue, replay the round, or contact everyone you know and make them to buy the game immediately.  It's that simple!  Fun for all ages!*

The first 5 levels of DRAGON FREEZE are FREE, which is 35 rounds of play (each Level has 7 Rounds).  After that you can purchase the remaining 15 pulse-pounding Levels for only $0.99.  But wait, there's more!  That $0.99 will remove the ads too!  But wait, there's more!  As an extra bonus you'll get two awesome power-ups:  SloMo and FreezeLock.  SloMo makes the dragons go super slow for five seconds, and FreezeLock gives you five seconds where frozen dragons can't be unfrozen!  But wait, there's--- oh, actually that's all.

So try DRAGON FREEZE! But don't just take our word for it, check out what other people are saying:

"Playing Dragon Freeze made those cold winter nights in the White House way more bearable." --Abraham Lincoln

"Please excuse Juan for not having his homework done. He was plaing Dragon Freeze all night." --Juan Epstein's Mother

"Not quite as good as getting my teeth drilled." --No One Ever

"If it weren't for Dragon Freeze I don't know what I'd do." --This guy I knew in high school. NOT HENRY WIGSHAW THOUGH. Definitely NOT Henry Wigshaw. Really. Not Henry Wigshaw at all.**

"This game rocks!" --Me

Five people can't be wrong, can they?

A universal iOS app
* Except 57.  Not sure why.
** It was totally Henry Wigshaw.  Also he once farted in class in 3rd grade and everyone laughed and he tried to pretend it wasn't him but we all knew it was.

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